Discover the world, one meal at a time!

At Global Epicurean we help chefs, cooking pros, teachers and food lovers of all walk of life to organize the trip of their dreams for their clients.

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Who We Are

Global Epicurean brings you the possibility to organize a trip for you, your friends or your client at your fingertips by taking away the hassle of logistic, and by helping you set an amazing itinerary that suits perfectly your needs.

Where We Go

We specialize in Italy travel, with destinations all over the Peninsula- from Piemonte to Calabria. Get a feeling for the flavors of Piedmont, the famed foods from Emilia, the bursting flavors of Romagna, or the variety of Calabria with one of our amazing itineraries- or let us help you build your own.


Our trips, past and future, with a feeling for the itinerary we have offered.

Terms and Conditions

A bit of legalese to spell out our services and our responsibilities... please take a look!

"Working with Vanessa and Global Epicurean on our 2012 trip to Emilia-Romagna was nothing short of delightful. Taking into factor the nature of our community, she anticipated every need, smoothed every bump and made the process of group travel as effortless as possible for both me and my guests." Sean Timberlake, Punk Domestics